Why do I have to pay?

There are many AA conferences/conventions held around the world. One of the most common misconceptions of these gatherings is that they are AA meetings and since there are no dues or fees for AA membership, there should be no fees to attend. Conventions and conferences are special events – not regular meetings. They require months of planning, preparations and money to present. Since most events are held in hotels/ conference centers, there is a charge for the use of some facilities. Other expenses include travel and lodging for speakers, printing of fliers, schedules and programs, postage, supplies and entertainment. A large event requires a substantial amount of money.

The convention is self-supporting. No group monies are used to pay for the event. The cost of the event is paid through registration fees. No baskets are passed. Donations are encouraged to pay for any snacks provided in the hospitality room. The ideal of any committee is to break even; therefore, the registration fee is nominal compared to a weekend’s worth of entertainment anywhere else. Attendance is voluntary and as responsible AA members, we now “pay our own way.”

We hope you will keep coming back and enjoy this weekend of fellowship.

What is Advisory Council? Who do they serve? What does advisory do?

The NECYPAA Advisory Council holds the responsibility of ensuring the future of NECYPAA. Our council is comprised of members of previous host committees, who work together to ensure the continuation of the conference. We chose the next location of the conference. We “share experience, strength and hope” gained as NECYPAA hosts with the current host committee. We must unanimously approve all hotel contracts.

The NECYPAA Advisory Council does not claim to be a governing body for young people in A.A. Our council is autonomous and is not responsible to, or financially supported by any entity of the service structure. Our longevity depends on our adherence to AA Traditions guidelines and on our trade references.

Our Purpose

The Advisory Council of NECYPAA was formed in 1989 for the expressed purpose of establishing and maintaining an annual Conference, within New England, grounded in the Principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. As the custodian of the Conference experience, we guard with special care the traditions of A.A., further the Principles of A.A. and ensure the continuation of the Conference. (Bylaws, last revised December 29, 2007)

Why does advisory need to approve the hotel contract for the current host committee?

NECYPAA Advisory was created to ensure the future of the NECYPAA conference. The success or failure of the current NECYPAA conference will impact our ability to hold the conference in the future.

If the current host committee were unable to fulfill their contract with the hotel it might prevent future NECYPAA host committees from negotiating an appropriate contract. Therefore, we use the combined experience of the past 5 committees in contract negotiations to ensure that NECYPAA’s needs are met and that the contract does not leave NECYPAA open to obligations we cannot prudently fulfill.

Is NECYPAA part of AA?

Yes. We practice the 36 principles. We make financial contributions to the 7 New England Areas and GSO (which are accepted each year).

How do we choose where NECYPAA will be hosted in the next year?

Every year the NECYPAA Advisory Council seeks to foster bids in different cities within the 7 A.A. areas in New England. These bidding cities present a bid package and to the council on the Saturday morning of our yearly conference. Once the council has heard each bid it adjourns to a closed session to hold a third legacy vote on where the conference will go for the next year.

There are 15 advisory members that all vote based on different criteria or needs. We all vote on our own conscience of what would be best for NECYPAA. It is important to remember that the purpose of NECYPAA Advisory is to ensure the future of the NECYPAA conference.

These are some reasons people have cited for voting in a certain way:

  • Quality of the hotel contract.
  • Having a full bid package.
  • There is a strong need for NECYPAA to go to a certain area.
  • Spirit of rotation – How long it has been since an area received the conference.
  • Support – There is strong support for the conference in the area.
  • An area that has continually bid for NECYPAA.
  • Enthusiasm – The committee is enthusiastic about recovery and putting conference