Bid Requirements

The NECYPAA Conference Bid Requirements are a list of guidelines, established by the Advisory Council, to help direct interested parties in the bidding process, and make clear the articles necessary for committee organization and site contract coordination at the time of the bid session.

In order to be considered an eligible recipient of the NECYPAA Conference, it is strongly suggested that interested bidders:

  1. Provide evidence that the planning and organization of the bid is well grounded in the 36 Principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts).
  2. Establish a loose bid committee structure, consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, and Site Coordinator. The secretary should keep meeting minutes and have them available for presentation at the bid session.
  3. Introduce at least three (3) members of the bid committee who are under the age of thirty-five (35), with a minium of one (1) year of sobriety.
  4. Obtain information for acquiring a mailing address/PO Box for the conference committee.
  5. Establish a site for future NECYPAA Host Committee meetings.
  6. Create a conference flier and arrive at a conference registration price.
  7. Provide a concise statement demonstrating the need for the NECYPAA Conference in your area, along with a statement of support from your local AA District and Service Area.
  8. Establish a proposed date for the next NECYPAA Conference (preferably New Year’s Eve, or as close as possible). Provide assurance that no large scale AA event will be held in the New England Area within thirty (30) days before or after the proposed conference date.
  9. Provide a commitment from a hotel, within one of the seven eligible New England Areas, stating the availability of the proposed weekend.
  10. Provide detailed information for the hotel site regarding all rates and fees: coffee price, banquet price, room rates, and additional fees.
  11. Provide detailed information for the hotel site regarding seating and accommodations. We suggest theatre style meeting space (including overflow) for a minimum of 1200 attendees , 150-200 guest rooms per night, 4 break-out meeting/event rooms with seating for 100 attendees.
  12. Agree that all the proceeds, after expenses, are to be turned over to the NECYPAA Advisory Council for their disposition.
  13. Provide a quote for event insurance and agree to purchase event insurance if awarded the bid.
  14. Provide treasury reports documenting the financial activities of the bid

A ‘bid book’ detailing how the bid committee meets these requirements is due to Advisory by December 20th at 6pm EST.

Click here for a PDF of the Bylaws containing Bid Requirements